November 2019 Dinner Specials


Crispy Trio Amuse-Bouche $13.00
We had a brainstorm session for our specials of the month. Of course, we started with appetizers, the three of us came up with three different appetizers. We liked all of them and hope you’d like them as well.

First is golden bags (2) with ground chicken, onion and potato, second is salmon (4) with cream cheese, celery and cilantro. Last but not least, shrimp Thai toast (3) which has ground shrimp, egg, scallion, salt and pepper, served with Thai sweet and spicy sauce over cucumber, red onion topped with crushed peanuts.

Rice Seasoned with Pan Tai Sweet and Spicy Sauce $18
with Chinese Sausage and other veggies and apple.

We sautéed rice with Pantai sweet sauce. The fun part comes in when you mix together the ingredients and enjoy the flavors of the dish: thin omelet, Chinese sausage, sweet pork (sauce is good on rice), green beans, red onion, shredded granny apple, fresh Thai chili, cilantro, and a splash of fresh lime juice.

Whole Crispy Tilapia with Choo Chee Curry Sauce $20
Whole tilapia is deep fried until crispy. We simmered Choo Chee curry, a milder red curry, in coconut milk until creamy, add bell pepper and topped with shredded lime leaves.

Banana Chocolate Swirl Cake with Fresh Banana and Roasted Pecan and Vanilla Ice Cream $9
This cake is made with Callebaut chocolate, served with fresh banana, toasted pecan and vanilla ice cream.

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