May Dinner Specials

Specials of the Month
May 2019


Satay Combo $10
The ultimate satay combo: marinated pork (2), beef (2) and shrimp (1) grilled to perfection, served with our house peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Volcano Chicken $18 
This Volcano Chicken is Joyce Shelden’s request! Have a good trip to your summer home.
Crispy chicken tenderloin fritters and mixed veggies topped with three flavored pineapple, bell pepper and sweet and spicy Mae Ploy sauce, flambe’ with Rum.

Massaman Curry with Avocado $16
Choice of:  chicken, beef (add $2), pork or tofu

Massaman curry simmered in coconut milk, carrot and onion, finished with fresh avocado.

Passion Fruit Layered Cheesecake with Fair Trade Coconut by Devonshire  $7
This layered cheesecake made with coconut and sugar that are Fair Trade Certified. The cake was made with tangy passion fruit without artificial colors or flavors. Enjoy!

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