Yupha's Thai Kitchen

Authentic Thai Cuisine

May 2022 Specials of the Month


Crispy Softshell Crabs with Creamy and Plums $12

Softshell crabs (4 portions) dipped in Gogi flour (Thai Tempura), deep fried, served with creamy chili and sweet and tangy plum sauces.


Volcano Beef $25

Stir-fried Ribeye steak (8 0z) with Shiitake mushroom, green onion, carrots and bells, topped with crispy onion ring.

Green Curry Salmon with Avocado $22

Grilled center cut salmon (8oz), served in green curry. Carrots, asparagus, Thai basil and avocado.

Dessert (Dine-in Only)

Limoncello Mascarpone Cake with Lemon-Curd Whipped Cream $8

Delicious and refreshing lemon and Mascarpone cake, served with lemon-curd whipped cream.