Yupha’s Thai Kitchen

Yupha’s specializes in authentic Thai cuisine and also offers some of the most unique vegetarian dishes. Using exquisite blends of ingredients that accentuate the flavors of authentic Thai food Owner and Thailand native, Yupha Dequenne, has been tantalizing diners with the taste of real Thai food, preparing the freshest, most exquisite blends of ingredients that accentuate the flavors of authentic Thai.

Yupha moved to the United States from Bangkok 40 years ago, earned two master’s degrees and had a longtime banking career. She always loved to cook, and owning a restaurant was a dream she could never seem to get out of her system.

Yupha’s believes in environmentally responsibility. We are committed to reducing the amount of unnecessary waste sent to landfills. We use (1) “take-out” and “to-go” biodegradable bags, (2) “take-out” and “to-go” plastic and paper containers that are both reusable and recyclable, and (3) biodegradable trash bags made of recycled materials. In addition, we have hired an independent private recycling company to handle our post-consumer waste. We continue to explore new opportunities in sustainability, and we hope you will join us in the effort by recycling.